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The following is a partial list of albums on which Jon has been a session guitarist:

Country Albums
Patricia Conroy "Bad Day For Trains"
Patricia Conroy "Blue Angel"
Lisa Brokop "Undeniable"
The Sons of Maxwell "Among the Living"
The Sons of Maxwell "Sons of Maxwell"
The Sons of Maxwell "Bold Frontier"
The Sons of Maxwell "Christmas Super Deluxe"
Amanda Stott "Black is Black"
Johnny Reid "Johnny Reid"
Tracey Brown "Woman's Work"
Tracey Brown "Alone"
George Fox "A George Fox Christmas"
Tom Jackson "That Side of the Window"
Tom Jackson "Home This Christmas"
Stephanie Beaumont "Love and Dreams"
Stephanie Beaumont "Way Over My Heart"
Stephanie Beaumont "Nothing to Lose"
Wayne Rostad "Story Teller"
Wayne Rostad and Friends "Christmas in the Valley"
Susan Aglukark "Arctic Rose"
Susan Aglukark "The Christmas Album"
Voices in Blue "In Session"
Rebecca Miller "Listen to the Radio"
John "Spyder" MacDonald "Long Way Home"
Terry Tufts "Transparent Blue"
Colleen Peterson "What Goes Around, Comes Around"
RyLee Madison "The Life of Rylee"
Jake Mathews "Jake Mathews"
Eddie Francis "Hills and Valleys"
Pakesso Mukash "Pakesso Mukash"
Michael George "The Miracle"

Contemporary Albums

Jon Park-Wheeler, Reverie "Six Strings North of the Border, Vol.2"
Arrogant Worms "Christmas Turkey"
Arrogant Worms "Dirt!"
Les McLaughlin "The Songs of Robert Service"
Sherwood Lumsden "All I Need"
Dominic D'Arcy "A Cop with a Good Record"
Robert Farrell "Express"
Tudjaat "Tudjaat"
Gerry Wall "ex Patriots Day"
Chivaree "The Garden"

Gospel Albums

John & Lori Dortono "This Christmas"
Andrew Martin "Follow Me"
Andrew Martin "Just Him, Just Hymns"
Andrew Martin "The Gift of Love"
Joe Brown "Always in Reach"
Terry Carisse "A Gospel Gathering"
Roxanne Flagler "Second Chance"
Tim Day "Beautiful City"

Children's Albums

Suzanne Pinel "Chante et Danse"
Suzanne Pinel "Une Lune"
Suzanne Pinel "Comme Moi"
Suzanne Pinel "Fetons Noel"
Suzanne Pinel "Camera 2, Merci"
Suzanne Pinel "Noel"
Suzanne Pinel "Bravo"
Suzanne Pinel "Un Petit Tresor"
Suzanne Pinel "Flic-Floc"
Suzanne Pinel "Dodo"
Suzanne Pinel "XO"
Andy Forgie "The Street I Lived On"
Andy Forgie "My Stuff"
Mike Martin "Timmy Tuttle and the Hopscotch Crew"
Classiks on Toys "Snoopy's Country"
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