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Jon Park-Wheeler was born in Ottawa, Ontario at some point in the previous millennium, and declines to be more specific on the topic. Carbon-14 dating performed on mustache clippings, however, reveals his date of birth to be sometime after the Roaring Twenties, and sometime before the advent of Gangsta Rap.

He cannot remember a time in his life when he did not play music. (This means that either he has been playing forever, or has a faulty memory. We choose to endorse the former, without ruling out the latter entirely.) Like most children of his era, he was dragged kicking and screaming to piano lessons when he was barely out of diapers, and in spite of himself acquired the rudiments of music.

Jon was drawn to the guitar when the Beatles led the British Invasion of music into North America, and has been working at playing the instrument for the last 40 years (Drat! That kind of blows the whole mystery-of-paragraph-one thing!).

And so the die was cast. During an academic career noteworthy only for it's utter lack of noteworthiness, Jon realized that he was destined for a career in music (much to the consternation of his parents, who felt that his talents were better suited to sign-painting or clerical work. They may have been right.)

The years since then have been a whirlwind of performing throughout Canada, from coast to coast to coast, and as far abroad as Europe and Australia. The last twenty years have seen a steadily growing studio career, first as a musician, and for the last decade as a producer/arranger/songwriter as well.

The styles of music that Jon has recorded and produced range from Country to Gospel, Folk to Native, Christmas to Contemporary, and quite a few Children's recordings in both English and French.

As an aspect of his musical career, Jon has appeared frequently on television. There have been five "True North" specials for CBC, multiple appearances on each of Dini Petty, Canada AM, and "Open Mike" with Mike Bullard. In addition, he has performed on Canada Day on Parliament Hill, worked as a staff guitarist for a great many telethons, and appeared in a variety of specials. Jon was house guitarist on CTV's "Spirit of the Country" series, and Dominic D'Arcy's musical sidekick on the CHRO series "D'Arcy's Beat". In addition, he was the puppeteer on the popular CTV/YTV children's television show "Marie Soleil" for all one hundred and thirty episodes of it's run.

Over the years, Jon has performed live with the following artists on a regular basis: Colin Amey, Susan Aglukark, Tracey Brown, Stephanie Beaumont, the Sons of Maxwell, Caroll Baker, the Family Brown, and Tudjaat, to name a few.

In recent years, he has been teaching guitar, mandolin, and bass in a variety of styles, as well as doing occasional live performances. He is releasing his first solo CD in the Fall of 2013.

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